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Cranes are designed to increase productivity in a factory environment by lifting loads and objects that are simply too heavy and bulky to be lifted by hand. The most common types of cranes we supply are Overhead Cranes and Jib Cranes.


Types Of Cranes That We Supply:

Cranes-UK operates in various sectors of the crane market offering a full range of crane and lifting solutions all under one roof.

Overhead Gantry Cranes

Jib Cranes

Light Weight KBK Cranes

Shipyard Cranes

Portable Cranes

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Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes can be manufactured to reach nearly every corner of the factory, this is achieved by the main crane beam spanning the width of the workshop while being supported by up-right columns of steel holding running rails for the crane to travel down the shop, we can this 'Downshop'. The main crane beam travels along the downshop with from the power of the 'long travel' wheels that are controlled by the operator.

The hoist which is situated on the main crane beam can horizontally traverse along the beam by the power of the 'cross travel' wheels which are again controlled by the operator. The operator also has full control over the hoist controls for lifting and lowering, Overhead cranes can be fitted with two speeds of operation or just one. Most of our clients prefer two speeds as this gives them a more precise operation when required. We can also supply radio remote control options for all types of Overhead Cranes.

Jib Cranes

Swing Jib Cranes are one of our most popular choices for crane buyers who do not require a lifting function in every corner of their workshop. Jib Cranes are often supplied to load lathes and other types of machinery that operate with heavy loads, they are also excellent tools when it comes to maintenance applications. 

A 'standard' type of Jib Crane is a 'Free Standing Jib Crane' this features an up-right column which is bolted in to the ground securely using chemical resin anchors, the column supports a pivoting 'swing arm' which incorporates the hoist and electrical feed, once fitted to the column the crane can slew up to 360 degrees and lift up to 5 Tonnes above machines with manual or electric traverse of the hoist along the 'Swing Arm'. Jib Cranes are an excellent cost effective solution to heavy lifting within a confined space.

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