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The Cranes-UK News page is frequently updated with the latest news, events and product information from the crane industry and the team at Cranes-UK. We aim to bring fresh content that is relevant and useful to the reader which we hope will solve questions, queries and bridge the gap between supplier and buyer.


  • Safety information- do's and don'ts in regards to cranes and legislation information
  • Latest news within the industry- new products, news articles, industry changes 
  • Cranes in the media- accidents, big projects and more!

The importance of using the correct safety equipment when working from height

May 11, 2023

If you or your employees are required to work from a height, then it is vital that you use the right equipment, and that it is in good working order to ensure that the work is carried out as safely as possible. There are several pieces of equipment that may be required depending on what height you are working from and in what setting. For example, if you are working on scaffold then you may require different equipment to what you would when working from ladders.

What’s the Difference Between Beam Trolleys?

August 19, 2021

A beam trolley is a valuable piece of construction equipment that is used on sites the world over. They are essentially like wheeled clamps that lock onto I beams and allow loads to traverse along them horizontally. Used in conjunction with chain hoists to carry loads up to 30 tonnes, they are a key facet of beam construction.

Successfully Specifying Electric Chain Hoists

June 23, 2021

Electric chain hoists are a commonly-used lifting mechanism for lifting a wide variety of loads. They are integral to many lifting operations in various settings and environments; no two hoists will be used in quite the same way. The fact that the hoist is motorised gives you more control over the lift, and it makes it easier too – when lifts are easier, they are safer, more efficient and simpler to plan. The benefits of using an electric chain hoist in a wide variety of environments are manifold.

Jib Cranes: Your Complete Guide to Safe Lifting Using a Swing Jib

April 14, 2021

If your industry requires specialist lifting solutions, a jib crane can deliver exactly what you need. For fast, agile and adaptable lifting solutions, few options can beat that of a jib crane. They can be used in a variety of environments and can be personalised to meet your every lifting need.

Radio Control Systems

September 23, 2020

Radio remote control systems can be used to operate overhead cranes and hoists with precision and simplicity. This can improve safety, efficiency and performance, making a radio control system a good investment.

Professional Lifting Equipment

September 01, 2020

Lifting gear plays a pivotal role across a multitude of industries, including construction, offshore, marine, automotive, agriculture and aerospace.

Bespoke Jib Cranes

March 06, 2020

In some environments, a bespoke jib crane will be a better option than a standard crane. Why? There are certain situations in which a bespoke crane will perform better, deliver more value and be able to meet the needs of the people operating it.

Choosing a Company for Crane Maintenance

December 03, 2019

Crane maintenance is an integral part of keeping cranes and lifting equipment in good working order. It’s also a legal requirement, and the importance of good maintenance should never be overlooked. Every crane owner must adhere to strict maintenance and servicing schedules, and must keep the necessary paperwork to show servicing has taken place.

Suppliers of Quality Crane Components

November 30, 2019

Quality crane components can give you additional functionality and support better crane performance, making modifications or upgrading certain features. This can allow you to perform safer lifts, different types of lifts, or work more efficiently. We can supply a range of components for jib cranes, overhead cranes and electric hoists, ensuring you can find exactly what you need to complement your own lifting equipment. Our stock changes all the time and we always have a wide choice of crane components in stock.

Chain Hoists for Sale & What to Look Out for

September 03, 2019

When buying chain hoists, or any other type of lifting equipment for that matter, it pays to be vigilant to ensure you are getting the right quality without paying over the odds. To help you source the best lifting equipment to meet your needs, we have put together a guide of things to look for when you are trying to find chain hoists for sale. This will help you to make more informed purchasing decisions and to buy quality equipment that is fit for purpose.

Used Cranes for Sale: Advantages of Used Cranes Over New Cranes

August 28, 2019

When you are in the market for an additional crane, you will have the option to buy new or used lifting equipment. Many businesses are choosing used cranes, as they offer good cost savings and can easily be as useful and reliable as brand new cranes would be.

Questions to Ask Before you Buy a Used Crane

March 07, 2019

Buying a crane is a big decision for any business. There can be a high initial cost involved, and you need to know that the crane you are buying is worth the price you pay. This is especially true of used cranes, where the safety of the lifting equipment you buy will be an important consideration.

Crane Servicing is More Important than Ever as the Market Booms

March 07, 2019

A report has revealed that the global bridge crane market looks set to reach multi billion dollars by 2024. The report also covered some of the key players in the crane market, including Konecranes and Morris, which are brands offered at Cranes-UK. This is an excellent time for the crane industry and we are pleased to see the market thriving.

Crane Servicing by Trusted Professionals

January 15, 2019

Crane servicing and maintenance is an important part of owning lifting equipment. It has to be kept in the right condition to make sure it will be safe to use, adhering to all health and safety regulations to minimise the possibility of harm. The lifting industry and the operation of lifting equipment is heavily regulated, so you must ensure you comply with regulations to avoid being penalised.

The importance of Crane Maintenance

January 08, 2019

As an owner or operator of overhead cranes or jib cranes, you will know the importance of maintenance. Maintaining all lifting equipment is essential for its efficient operation and, most importantly, the safety of the operators and those in the vicinity. Only with an effective maintenance schedule can you know that you are fulfilling your duties and preventing future problems from occurring with your equipment.


Choosing an Electric Chain Hoist

October 31, 2018

Electric hoists are used for regular, intense lifting operation, in circumstances where a manual hoist simply won’t be appropriate for the size of the load. Electric chain hoists are typically used for loads weighing up to 30 Tonnes – for loads larger than this, an electric wire rope hoist might be employed (certain models can lift up to 100 Tonnes)

The Right Servicing for your Crane

June 28, 2018

Cranes need to be serviced regularly to ensure they are safe to use and fit for purpose. This ensures the safety of everyone operating them, others working on site and the general public. As a crane owner, it is your responsibility to oversee crane servicing and assign any tasks required for the full and thorough servicing of your equipment.

Crane maintenance is an essential part of owning and using lifting equipment

June 14, 2018

Crane maintenance is an essential part of owning and using lifting equipment. It doesn’t just keep your equipment in good working order, it also makes sure that it is safe to use, so the people who operate cranes and lifting equipment on site will be protected.

How to Recover A Vehicle With An Electric Winch

January 04, 2018

Wishing all of our customers a very Happy New Year from Cranes-UK! This year we plan on filling our news page with relevant news about our business but also informative and helpful articles that will benefit our new and existing customers- so here's how to recover a vehicle with an electric winch!

Why You Need to Maintain your Crane to a High Standard

October 19, 2017

Maintaining your crane is one of the most important factors to factor in to your annual budget for equipments whether you are buying a used crane or not. Maintaining your crane is a health and safety issue and should never be ignored. Having your crane inspected and maintained on an annual basis will also prolong the life span of your equipment.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Crane

October 10, 2017

Buying a used crane is never as easy as it may sound considering the costs to be accrued. However, when you buy a second hand crane from a stockist or supplier who is ISO-Certified, you are rest assured your machine is safe and worth deploying to use.

Electric Hoists from Leading Brands

May 30, 2017

Cranes-UK are approved suppliers of electric hoists from the leading brands in the industry. You will find fully certified hoists from big names like Stahl, Donati, Demag, Yale, GIS and Kito in our extensive product range.

Understanding True Vertical Lift

January 19, 2017

Vertical lift is achieved when there is no side-pulling action, it is recommended that all loads are lifted truly vertical and never to involve side loading as this has detrimental effects on the hoist components such as the chain/wire, sprocket and guides.

Understanding Load Sway And Tips To Prevent It

January 03, 2017

Load sway can be a nightmare for crane operators, learn and understand more about load sway and how to tackle the problem in this article.

Electric Chain Hoist SALE

September 29, 2016

Everyone loves a deal, and we at Cranes-UK love to do deals! That's why we are offering exceptional prices on all Electric Chain Hoists throughout October!

Tips To Use A Mobile Gantry Safely

September 20, 2016

Using a mobile gantry is one thing, using it safely is another! That's why we have put together a few little tips on how to safely use a mobile gantry system.

Overhead Crane Supplied to Artist Conrad Shawcross

August 09, 2016

Cranes-UK are proud to have supplied a custom fabricated fully motorised Overhead Crane to world famous artist Conrad Shawcross. Learn more about our Overhead Crane manufacture here.

A Brief Overview of PUWER

July 04, 2016

A detailed insight in to the machinery service and maintenance regulation that is PUWER- The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998).

Overhead Crane Supplier

May 16, 2016

We have a combined experience of more than 100 years, making us the logical choice for any business wanting to invest in overhead cranes. We can supply you with the highest quality cranes, sourced from leading manufacturers and available from us at excellent prices.

Wire Rope Hoists up to 100 Tonne Capacity

May 11, 2016

We supply wire rope hoists with a capacity of up to 100 Tonnes. As with all of our products, we only work with the top manufacturers in the industry, giving you complete peace of mind and trust in the quality of your products.

Electric Chain Hoists for Lifting Operations

April 27, 2016

We are suppliers of high-quality electric chain hoists for customers needing to carry out a wide variety of lifting operations. Electric chain hoists are versatile pieces of equipment, and are often used alongside other lifting mechanisms such as runway beams, jib cranes, fixed and mobile gantries and overhead cranes.

Crane Operator Training Courses

April 27, 2016

We offer overhead crane operator training courses to our customers, making sure that you and your staff have access to everything you need. Courses are fully compliant with LOLER and PUWER regulations to cover all bases and to train your workers in exactly what they need to know

Used Cranes Systems

April 13, 2016

The Cranes UK group are specialists in the Used Cranes market with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. We supply both new and used cranes from leading manufacturers with a variety of specifications for customers from all over the world to suit any application requirement.

Crane Servicing and Inspection

April 11, 2016

Servicing and inspecting your equipment is of supreme importance, especially in an industry which uses heavy, dangerous machinery that has the potential to cause serious damage and harm. It’s imperative that industry guidelines are followed regarding servicing or you could end up being liable for the injury or even death of one of your employees. When working with such dangerous machinery, you just can’t be too careful.

Supply and Installation of Electric Wire Rope Hoists

February 17, 2016

Cranes UK are suppliers of high quality, reliable electric wire rope hoists which come from a variety of top manufacturers. We supply and install new or used equipment to cater for all needs and budgets. By relying on our expertise, you can ensure that you’re getting robust and long-lasting products which have been correctly set up, enabling you to go about your day-to-day work without having to worry about the machinery you’re using.

Radio Control Systems

February 17, 2016

At Cranes UK, we will supply and fit a variety of radio remote control systems for all kinds of applications within the lifting industry. These kinds of appliances offer great benefits to the operators, saving time and helping to improve safety on site. They’re a valuable purchase for all involved and will serve all those working within the lifting industry very well.

3 Hazardous Myths about Overhead Crane Use

February 12, 2016

Learn the facts regarding a few overhead crane safety usage myths and know where you stand in regards to staying safe when using overhead cranes. Please always remember to take note of current health and safety legislation, always have a safe lift plan and be spatially aware when using any type of lifting equipment.

Crane Collapse New York

February 09, 2016

Following a crane collapse which killed one man and injured three other people, New York has introduced a number of new policies to help implement the future safe usage of cranes in the city.

Choosing the Right Electric Hoist

January 20, 2016

Electric hoists can be used to perform lifting operations within a variety of settings. To increase their range of capabilities, they can also be used in conjunction with other types of lifting equipment, which allows for additional movement and more varied performance.

Jib Cranes & How Can They Help You?

January 19, 2016

Jib cranes offer an efficient solution for lifting requirements up to 5 Tonnes. They’re highly versatile machines, and there will be a jib crane which is ideally suited to almost every type of manufacturing which requires localised lifting and transportation.

Mecca Crane Collapse Emphasises the Need for Safe Construction

October 07, 2015

Cranes can be extremely useful for lifting and manoeuvring heavy objects – in fact, they’re often one of the most essential tools in a large industrial warehouse.

The Robust Yale CPE Electric Chain Hoist

May 08, 2015

The CPE chain hoist from Yale is designed to a heavy duty specification, and capacities range from 2,000-10,000kg capacities.

Demag Double-girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

April 09, 2015

Demag cranes are renowned for their reliability, affordability and high load capacities, and the ZKKE double-girder is no exception.

The Demag V-type - Higher Handling Rates

March 09, 2015

The V-type from Demag is fast, precise and reliable, whilst it’s been cleverly developed to improve handling rates. The innovative design reduces oscillation frequency by 30%, while service life is doubled to as many as 500,000 changes of load. It’s 17% lighter this time too, while the new girder offers improved efficiency for handling loads.

360° Electrically Rotated Jib Cranes The GBR Series

February 25, 2015

The Donati GBR series is ideal for handling high or bulky loads, and it’s extremely rigid with a solid base plate. This electrically rotated jib crane does not allow for manual handling, and it’s ideal for outdoor squares, deposits, loading ramps and on wharves. This model is available from Cranes-UK as standard, for lifting loads from 1000kg to 10,000kg, and we can guide you through each of its benefits.

GIS Hoists for Intense Usage

February 09, 2015

GIS have been manufacturing dependable chain hoists since 1963, and the GCH model embodies the very latest manufacturing techniques and technology.

ZX Hoists - Impressive performance and Exceptional Safety

January 12, 2015

The ZX wire rope hoist from Street Crane is just one of the leading crane hoists we supply, and it has evolved considerably over the last decade or so.

Improving Productivity with a Pillar-Mounted Slewing Crane

December 19, 2014

A light jib crane can save many workplaces time and money, and it means that relatively light loads can be lifted and transported quickly, and deposited gently and precisely.

360° Electrically Rotated Jib Cranes – The GBR Series

December 10, 2014

The Donati GBR series is ideal for handling high or bulky loads, and it’s extremely rigid with a solid base plate. This electrically rotated jib crane does not allow for manual handling, and it’s ideal for outdoor squares, deposits, loading ramps and on wharves. This model is available from Cranes-UK as standard, for lifting loads from 1000kg to 10,000kg, and we can guide you through each of its benefits.

STD Dual Chain Hoist - Simultaneous Operation

November 21, 2014

The ST chain hoist programme ranks among the world’s most distinctive ranges on offer, and the STD version is specially designed for loads that need to be picked up at two points.

Donati Jib Cranes for Precise Handling

November 13, 2014

Access is often awkward in production lines and workshops, but obstacles no longer need to be an issue when you operate a Donati crane with an articulated arm.

Donati Jib Cranes Exported To Dubai

October 13, 2014

Superior Tubular Solutions of the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai contacted Cranes-UK with a requirement for four high quality industrial Jib Cranes for use in their manufacturing procedures at a newly built factory premises. The cranes were to be supplied and delivered fully export packed to a local seaport; only the best proposal could win!

Electric Chain Hoists and the Options Available

October 08, 2014

Cranes-UK offer almost every brand, type and model of electric chain hoists, including Donati, Demag, Yale, GIS, Stahl, Kito, LiftKet, Verlinde, Lodestar, Tractel and Kone among others.

Free Standing Jib Cranes for a Convenient Fit

June 25, 2014

Our Freestanding Jib Cranes feature discreet mounting bases, allowing the crane to fit in a diverse range of locations (providing the floor is suitable). You get a great deal of flexibility with this type of crane and one strong arm can enable a significantly longer span if it’s required.  

Jib Cranes Supplied To Leading Gas And Oil Component Producers

May 24, 2014

Ever growing and well established component manufacturers situated in Aberdeen had a need for two 3.2 Tonne fully electric Jib Cranes. Cranes-UK were sucessful in submitting the lowest bid and offering the highest levels of service which included free consultation and design.

National Oilwell Vaco produces small and large heavy equipment designed for use in the production of oil and gas. The requirement was for a bespoke and quality lifting system to allow them to produce, lift and transport heavy components as well as load machinery as well as to be supplied by an ISO 9001:2008 approved manufacturer with an impeccable reputation in the field. Cranes-UK designed and advised two British manufactured Jib Cranes to accommodate their needs.

3 Brand New Demag Cranes Despatched To Lagos, Nigeria

April 26, 2014

Cranes-UK are proud to annouce that after a year in negotiations and building process the three brand new Demag Overhead Cranes have been despatched to be installed at a Hydro Electric Power Plant in Lagos, Nigeria. The first of many!

Electric Chain Hoists For Production

March 23, 2014

Production of even lighter objects can cause strain to a worker thus slowing them down and decreasing productivity rates. With our ranges of Electric Chain Hoists you will experience how a small change can increase productivity and worker satisfaction amongst almost any production line. 

Detailed On-Site Inspections From Cranes-UK

February 25, 2014

Cranes-UK are experts when it comes to detailed inspections of Overhead Cranes and their components. We offer intricate solutions to complicated applications at competative prices.

Company Update: Jib Cranes Are Flying Out- Great Start To The Month

February 12, 2014

Cranes-UK have supplied a huge number of Jib Cranes, over 10 in under 7 working days to a multiple of clients all over the country.

Cranes-UK to welcome new brand; Street.

January 19, 2014

Cranes-UK welcome on board new brand of Overhead Cranes, Electric Wire Rope Hoist and Chain Hoists; Street!

Cranes-UK Supply 20 Tonne Double Girder Overhead Cranes

January 10, 2014

Cranes-UK recently won the order to supply, install and commision two Used 20 Tonne Double Girder Overhead Crane at the busy premesis of Cookson & Zinn. 

The huge cranes proudly sit nicely inside the warehouse that produces fuel tanks, the crane will be used to lift heavy components to assemble the huge tanks that can be installed above or below ground. After all the components are built the crane will also be used to load trucks that will delivery the tanks to their new home.


Three New Demag Overhead Cranes Supplied To Nigeria

January 02, 2014

Crane Handling have closed a large international contract to supply Three Brand New Demag Overhead Cranes for export to a Hydro Electric Power Plant in Nigeria.

The cranes will be used in a confined area to hoist pumps in and out of pits reaching fifteen meters deep. The Trio of Demags will be replacing existing cranes of the same brand and specification that have, well...seen better days to say the best!

Happy New Year from Cranes-Uk

January 01, 2014

Happy New Year from Cranes-UK! A new year, A new website- Kingsway Corporation Ltd expand their internet presence by launching new website

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