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February 25, 2015

360° Electrically Rotated Jib Cranes The GBR Series

The Donati GBR series is ideal for handling high or bulky loads, and it’s extremely rigid with a solid base plate. This electrically rotated jib crane does not allow for manual handling, and it’s ideal for outdoor squares, deposits, loading ramps and on wharves. This model is available from Cranes-UK as standard, for lifting loads from 1000kg to 10,000kg, and we can guide you through each of its benefits.

The Rotating Arm

The arm is formed by a supporting girder, and it can be made with a H beam or with a box beam, depending on the lifting capacity. The box beam is designed to guarantee the maximum flexotorsional stability, while it’s made of high quality section steel and welded to offer optimum safety. The arm is also fitted with flange holes, and these allow for the application of the thrust bearing, which is fixed using high resistance bolts. A motoreducer provides the rotation of the arm, while it’s mounted on a rotating thrust bearing, which supports both axial pushes, due to vertical forces and the tilting momentum.


The Electrical Power Supply

The power is supply is designed to power the hoist and the trolley, as well as the rotation motoreducer, and it includes two control panels. One controls the lifting and moving on the trolley unit, while the contractors inside the panels control the movement of the crane, yet they also protect fuses against short circuits. A connection terminal box offers simplicity and safety with the cables relative to the functions, making any inspections straightforward. The hanging push-button control panel features a shockproof thermoplastic casing, while it’s supported by a round multipolar cable.  There’s also an acoustic alarm button, to indicate any dangerous situations during handling, as well as electric safety limit switches in case of breakdown or malfunctioning.

To find out more about the Donati GBR series, and to see if it’s the right model for you and your requirements, get in touch with Cranes UK today on 01384 441235.

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