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February 25, 2014

Detailed On-Site Inspections From Cranes-UK

Cranes-UK are experts when it comes to detailed inspections of Overhead Cranes and their components. We offer intricate solutions to complicated applications at competative prices.

Cranes-UK are experts when it comes to detailed inspections of Overhead Cranes and their components. 

We recently carried out a vigorous gearbox inspection at a well known Nuclear power plant where special equipment required in order to complete the job and report back with firm evidence. The inspection required technically qualified engineers that were fully experienced when working in a Nuclear environment and were equipped with the necessary safety gear. 

The crane was in a particularly 'difficult to inspect’ position to access the gearbox there for the engineers used a long video and imaging bore scope that enabled them to visually inspect the enclosed gearbox while recording the findings via a well lit micro camera. This saved our engineers lots of time as they didn’t have to lower the crane as well as saving our customer all of the moving costs that would have been associated with such a job.

After the inspection was completed the evidence was presented to the customer for a decision to be made on the outcome, and so the refurbishment project continues.

For more information on our range of inspection services we can offer please contact our sales team who will be glad to advise a service suitable to you.

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