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November 13, 2014

Donati Jib Cranes for Precise Handling

Access is often awkward in production lines and workshops, but obstacles no longer need to be an issue when you operate a Donati crane with an articulated arm.

There are two main options to choose between, the CBB ‘column’ series and the MBB ‘wall’ series. The articulated arms on these models rotate on their own axis, meaning they can easily avoid impeding obstacles on rotation. The arm is expertly constructed using two cantilevered girders that form the two hinged semi-arms, creating a flexible joint. One of which is located on the ‘tie’ side, and it is made in boxed casing, while the ‘cantilever’ side is constructed using a T-beam or tubular profile.

Precise Crane Handling

donati jib craneThe semi-arms can be of different lengths and they both rotate independently so the user gets a great deal of flexibility, while there are no stay bolts, so the operator is able to make use of the available space at a height. Both of these Donati jib cranes are available from Cranes-UK in standard versions for capacities from 250kg to 2000kg and jibs from 2m to 8m. There are also two electric control panels in both of these models; one for controlling the lifting and travel unit of the hoist, while the rotation control equipment is cleverly integrated with the motoreducer. The electric power supply on the CBB version includes a main on/off line switch, positioned on the column, while the MBB model includes a terminal box near the support bracket.

Whether you have several temporary obstacles in your organisations production line or permanent impeding objects, the split arm can guide the crane around it, by either pushing or pulling the two sections of the jib arm. The rotation mechanism in each of these models is fixed vertically in the lower part of the support bracket, including gears in permanent oil and a self braking conical brake motor, so operators are guaranteed safety and reliability. Our articulated jib cranes benefit from a very tidy cable management system, so all cabling to the hoist is concealed. We provide a full UK installation and commissioning service on our whole range of jibs, and we’re also able to provide this service internationally on special request, so call today for further information.

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