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February 09, 2015

GIS Hoists for Intense Usage

GIS have been manufacturing dependable chain hoists since 1963, and the GCH model embodies the very latest manufacturing techniques and technology.


Featuring a lifting capacity of 125 to 5,000kg, the GCH is largely manufactured from die cast aluminium, and every GIS hoist supplied by Cranes-UK is fitted with several safety devices to prevent accidents and overloads. The mechanical stops prevent over travel, while electrical geared limit switches are fitted as standard to stop the hook from travelling further up or down than intended.

GIS hoists are very easy to operate, but they are also very reliable and they will not let you down in extreme conditions. As one of the most robust hoists on the market, the GIS GCH is ideal for companies that require regular operation, and it features high duty ratings as well as long heights of lift (of over 120m).  The advanced brake design provides maximum safety with minimum maintenance, while the permanent hoist lubrication enables wear resistant operation.

Cranes-UK has been supplying compact GIS hoists for many years and the double slip clutch is one the main benefits with these systems, while they are five times more secure than regulations require. No special tools or electronic devices are required to operate this hoist, and the chain guide is removable without disassembly for added convenience.

We’ve supplied a huge range of spares for GIS electric chain hoists, and some versions are almost 50 years old, and they are still performing well. Only standard components need to be changed over the years, while the hoist can be controlled remotely with a radio remote control system, allowing the operator to stand a safe distance away from the load, obtaining a better view of the load itself and the surrounding area.

GIS hoists feature many options to improve efficiency and productivity and Cranes-UK is more than happy to guide you through each of the options, taking your unique requirements into account. To speak to us about our range of GIS hoists and the options that would suit you, call a member of our team today on 01384 441235. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via email, or by completing our online enquiry form.  

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