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January 04, 2018

How to Recover A Vehicle With An Electric Winch

Wishing all of our customers a very Happy New Year from Cranes-UK! This year we plan on filling our news page with relevant news about our business but also informative and helpful articles that will benefit our new and existing customers- so here's how to recover a vehicle with an electric winch!

Vehicles can be recovered from deep mud holes and tight spots with the use of electric winches. Using an appropriate winch that can perfectly match the requirements of a job is crucial for successful completion of a job. If you are looking to buy a winch for your vehicle, you may want to go for a winch that is overrated by 1.5 times. For example, if your vehicle weighs 3500kg, you should opt for a winch that can pull a 4000kg load to give you a little extra safety factor which will account for dynamic loads etc. The winches do always have a safety factor already, but professional riggers never like to cut it too close.

Here’s what you can do to select the perfect winch for your job:

Allow the winch cable to be pulled directly into the winch drum by letting the winch cable pass through the pulley of the snatch block. Notably, you can use this snatch block arrangement to pull any vehicle by using the winch drum assembly in the most appropriate manner. 

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