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December 19, 2014

Improving Productivity with a Pillar-Mounted Slewing Crane

A light jib crane can save many workplaces time and money, and it means that relatively light loads can be lifted and transported quickly, and deposited gently and precisely.

The Demag pillar mounted slewing cranes are ideal if you’re working for sensitive products, tools or machinery, and you’re guaranteed smooth lifting and lowering motions. The KBK slewing jibs benefit from a low weight that allows the jib to be moved easily, while the KBK hollow section rail provides for very low travel forces. These are also available with a low-headroom design, so there’s a lifting height gain of 290 mm compared to the standard version.
The D-GS models cover a range of n x 360°, so it is not inhibited by walls or columns. These are ideally suited wherever maximum hook paths are required, while only limited headroom is available. For a more universal solution, the D-TS option is suitable for a load range of up to 5,000kg while the low headroom jib provides an unlimited slewing range for long hook paths.
Cranes UK provide an extensive range of Demag pillar mounted slewing cranes, and these are equipped with a Demag chain hoist as standard. The D-MS pillar-mounted slewing crane features an even higher load capacity (up to 10,000kg) and a long outreach. This model can also be powered by an optional electric slewing drive for ease of operation, while there are many wall-mounted Demag options to choose between too.
Demag has been developing and manufacturing cranes and hoists for more than 190 years, and we can best advise you on a particular model and guide you through the options, such as attachments, electronic travel, pillar heights and locking arrangement, taking your budget and unique requirements into account. You can find out more by getting in touch with Cranes UK today on 01384 441235.


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