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November 21, 2014

STD Dual Chain Hoist - Simultaneous Operation

The ST chain hoist programme ranks among the world’s most distinctive ranges on offer, and the STD version is specially designed for loads that need to be picked up at two points.

This hoist is largely maintenance free, while the two load chains are driven by a single motor, operating synchronously whether the load is even or not. The well planned design allows the two running hooks to lift and transport the load without any dangerous tilting, but you also get low headroom, meaning it’s suitable for those low-ceiling factories and workshops.

The STD Vario Dual Chain Version

Cranes-UK can supply various STD versions, depending on the space available and the unique requirements. The Vario unit is a popular option, and it allows the user to electrically adjust the distance between the loads for accurate positioning. The two load hooks can be loaded differently and performance will not be affected, while the hooks cannot be accidentally shifted during lifting or travel. The powerful motor uses a high duty cycle to ensure the hoist can be continuously used for longer periods, while it is cooled by a fan as standard. The galvanised load chain also provides long service life, and the slipping clutch ensures that should the hoist be accidentally overloaded the unit will not allow it to lift the load.


When stationary use is required, the STD models are adapted to the width of the load, and they are rigidly mounted on a substructure. An electric trolley can be provided to make the hoist mobile, whilst the ST units are also available in an explosion-protected design that complies with ATEX and IECEx. Our ST hoists are available in 13 load capacity variants for the range of 125kg to 6,300kg. The Stahl ST hoist is one of the safest models on the market, while further optional extras can be provided, including remote control operation, a bypass brake, a vibration damper, a digital load display and a slipping clutch test device. All Stahl dual chain hoists are equipped with two lifting speeds, while the unit is brightly coloured for safety purposes in the standard Stahl green and black.


You can find out more about the STD units by contacting Cranes-UK today on 01384 441235 or visiting our contact us page.

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