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March 09, 2015

The Demag V-type - Higher Handling Rates

The V-type from Demag is fast, precise and reliable, whilst it’s been cleverly developed to improve handling rates. The innovative design reduces oscillation frequency by 30%, while service life is doubled to as many as 500,000 changes of load. It’s 17% lighter this time too, while the new girder offers improved efficiency for handling loads.

Obviously load capacity, safety and stability are decisive for optimum efficiency, and the V-type girder has been designed to meet each of these requirements. With higher positioning speeds, shorter cycling times and improved travel, you get a great deal of agility, and it’s very easy to operate. The additional lifting points provide extra options when attempting to find suitable clamping and attachment points.


The smart design cuts wind resistance by up to 55%, so it’s well suited for outdoor use, while more light is allowed to pass when this model is used indoors, meaning you get a brighter, safer and potentially more productive workplace. Demag are focused on sustainability, and that’s why there is less material used this time round, and metal parts have been blast cleaned with dry ice, while water-based based paints are used to complete the finish.


Maintenance is relatively easy with this system too, and that’s because the weld seams are on show, meaning they can be easily inspected for safe operation. The stiffeners on the components guarantee maximum strength for high loads, while the girder can be adapted to meet specific installation requirements. The revolutionary design is geared toward precision, productivity and reliability, but there is also greater freedom for architects as the reduced deadweight transmits lower forces to the building structure, while handheld DRC radio controls can be supplied to improve safety.


The V-type “lays the foundation for a completely new generation of crane girders” and Demag has almost 200 years of engineering development experience so that does say a lot about the quality of this crane. Less is definitely more this time round, but you can find out more about this innovative girder concept by getting in touch with Cranes-UK today on 01384 441235. We’re always happy to guide you through the main features, taking your unique requirements into account, and you can also contact us via email, by sending us a message online.

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