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September 15, 2021

The Different Types of Jib Cranes

Jib crane systems are a mainstay in most factories and industrial production lines, being a valuable tool when it comes to lightweight lifting tasks. They are basically just smaller cranes, generally used indoors in conjunction with chain hoists, and able to carry up to 500kg, however, custom made jib cranes with higher capacities can also be built.

Among jib crane systems you will see a variety of heights of lift, outreaches, safe working loads, angles of rotation, types of hoists, and hoist suspensions that affect the functionality of the crane. But what are the different types? At Cranes-UK, we stock various incarnations of jib cranes, with wall mounted jib cranes, van cranes, lorry cranes, and free standing jib cranes for sale, as well as offering finishes ranging from standard powder coated, to custom galvanised or stainless steel.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types available through us, and some of their key features and functionalities. If you’re still unsure about which product you could use in your workplace or have an interest in some specialist lifting equipment from this field, then contact us here and we will be in touch with you to help with your purchasing queries.


These are the most common form of jib cranes, coming as a singular columned unit and mounted to the floor via chemical resin anchors at their base. They range from arm lengths of 3-6m and can come in capacities for a safe working load anywhere between 80-500kg, meaning there are multiple free standing options available for a number of industrial lifting tasks.

Once you have calculated the necessary arm length for your jib crane, the kind of load capacity that you will need, then it is time to think about your hoist requirements. Every jib arm features an integrated push travel trolley to smoothly accommodate a hoist, vacuum lifter, or tool balancer, any of which can simply be hooked or shackled into place.

Make sure your hoist capacity aligns with that of the crane itself, calculate the height of lift you need (distance between the ground and the underside of the jib arm), and decide whether or not you need to power your hoist electronically. Once you have considered each of these things, you’ll be good to go and make your purchase.


Free Standing Over-Braced Jib Crane

Key Features:

  • Over-braced jib arm for added security.
  • Available in arm lengths from 3-6m.
  • Capacity ranges from 80kg-500kg.
  • 270-degree manual slew (turning capability)



Now that we know a little bit more about the free standing range, let’s have a look at the wall mounted variety.


This member of the jib crane family works much in the same way as the free standing variety, with the main difference being a lack of a base column, and the jib arm being mounted on a wall or existing pillar in the workplace. These can be really useful in workplaces with limited space, or multiple options for mounting already clear on site.

An example of a really strong is the Donati Jib Crane, which is available on request (also as a free standing). Let’s take a look at it.


Donati Jib Crane

Key Features:

  • Up to 10tonne capacity.
  • Quality bearings for low resistance running.
  • Lightweight arm works with electric Demag hoist for up to 40% added efficiency.



It doesn’t just stop with wall-mounting however, with van and lorry cranes also being a popular part of the different types. Let’s get to know them a little bit better.


Van and lorry cranes are lightweight jib cranes that are perfect for jobs and industries where loads are regularly lifted in and out of vans for transit and delivery. The process of loading and unloading a vehicle can often be very complicated, but with a crane capable of carrying up to 500kg, it can be made much simpler and easier.

Built into the roof corner of a van or lorry, these generally feature electric hoists and arm extension capabilities, allowing you to deal with heavy loads without breaking a sweat. 


Mad Easyload Van and Lorry Crane

Key Features:

  • 250-500kg capacities available.
  • Winch and arm extension operated electronically through push pendant.
  • Overall arm length 3675mm fully extended.



A jib crane is a very handy piece of kit for workplaces where regular lifting takes place, outside the realm of construction. Manufacturing plants and warehouses could all generally benefit from a standard jib crane, but if the ones shown in this article don’t quite cut it then specialist options are also available. The Donati range with capacities up to 5tonnes can be purchased through contacting us directly, as well as the aforementioned Demag range. And we are also available for installations if needed, provided at a rock-bottom market price.

If you need an installation, have some interest in a specialist piece of equipment, need a jib crane customised, or simply don’t know where to start, then contact us today, and a member of our team will help you with whatever you need.

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