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May 11, 2023

The importance of using the correct safety equipment when working from height

If you or your employees are required to work from a height, then it is vital that you use the right equipment, and that it is in good working order to ensure that the work is carried out as safely as possible. There are several pieces of equipment that may be required depending on what height you are working from and in what setting. For example, if you are working on scaffold then you may require different equipment to what you would when working from ladders.

Which height safety system should I use?

There are two different types of height safety systems; one is designed to prevent a fall, while the other is designed to assist if a fall should occur and minimise the injuries sustained.

Fall Restraint Systems (FRS) can help prevent a fall. The user can wear a safety harness which is attached to a fall restraint lanyard. This lanyard is then attached to a fixed point or anchor which helps to secure the wearer closely to the anchor point thus preventing a fall. These types of lanyards are not intended to arrest a fall and should never be used for this purpose.

The other type of height safety system is the Fall Arrest Equipment (FAE). These systems are designed to help reduce the impact and injuries that can be caused by a fall. Again, there are a few different types of equipment that can be used such as fall arrest lanyards and blocks. They both contain shock absorbing technology that helps to absorb the impact should a fall occur. The lanyards contain a bundle of webbing which slows the descent of the person falling and the blocks are similar in the way they operate but they allow the wearer a bit more freedom of movement as they come in longer lengths.

Wearing the correct safety equipment is not only a must to ensure that you and your workers comply with healthy and safety regulations, but also to ensure that you are as safe as possible when working at height.

At Cranes UK, we not only supply and service a wide range of equipment but can also offer advice on what you may require depending on the specific circumstances and working environment. Talk to the Cranes-UK team on 01384 441 235 or send us a message.

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