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September 20, 2016

Tips To Use A Mobile Gantry Safely

Using a mobile gantry is one thing, using it safely is another! That's why we have put together a few little tips on how to safely use a mobile gantry system.

Mobile lifting gantry systems are noted for their versatility and they are used in various applications across multiple industries. Like all other lifting equipment, gantry systems require you to adhere to certain procedural guidelines to ensure operational safety. Equipment manufacturers generally provide copies of guidelines pertaining to the safe use of the equipment at the time of product delivery. Here, we have consolidated the fundamental points into a concise version in order to help you avoid the major mistakes that can lead to accidents.

The Dos:

The Don’ts:

If you allow the load to swing or if you make an attempt to move a loaded gantry, you may end up offsetting the centre of gravity which may lead to tipping. The stability of the load facilitates a safe lifting operation. With maintenance being a major determinant of equipment performance and safety, you should get your gantry inspected annually by a qualified body. Notably, the inspector will provide you with a new certification following the inspection. 

*The above information is simply friendly advice from the experts, we always recommend reading the manufacturer's operation manual and creating a lift plan to be approved by your health and safety team prior to any lifts that take place.

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