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The Cranes-UK News page is frequently updated with the latest news, events and product information from the crane industry and the team at Cranes-UK. We aim to bring fresh content that is relevant and useful to the reader which we hope will solve questions, queries and bridge the gap between supplier and buyer.


  • Safety information- do's and don'ts in regards to cranes and legislation information
  • Latest news within the industry- new products, news articles, industry changes 
  • Cranes in the media- accidents, big projects and more!

360° Electrically Rotated Jib Cranes – The GBR Series

December 10, 2014

The Donati GBR series is ideal for handling high or bulky loads, and it’s extremely rigid with a solid base plate. This electrically rotated jib crane does not allow for manual handling, and it’s ideal for outdoor squares, deposits, loading ramps and on wharves. This model is available from Cranes-UK as standard, for lifting loads from 1000kg to 10,000kg, and we can guide you through each of its benefits.

Improving Productivity with a Pillar-Mounted Slewing Crane

December 19, 2014

A light jib crane can save many workplaces time and money, and it means that relatively light loads can be lifted and transported quickly, and deposited gently and precisely.

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