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The Cranes-UK News page is frequently updated with the latest news, events and product information from the crane industry and the team at Cranes-UK. We aim to bring fresh content that is relevant and useful to the reader which we hope will solve questions, queries and bridge the gap between supplier and buyer.


  • Safety information- do's and don'ts in regards to cranes and legislation information
  • Latest news within the industry- new products, news articles, industry changes 
  • Cranes in the media- accidents, big projects and more!

The importance of Crane Maintenance

January 08, 2019

As an owner or operator of overhead cranes or jib cranes, you will know the importance of maintenance. Maintaining all lifting equipment is essential for its efficient operation and, most importantly, the safety of the operators and those in the vicinity. Only with an effective maintenance schedule can you know that you are fulfilling your duties and preventing future problems from occurring with your equipment.


Crane Servicing by Trusted Professionals

January 15, 2019

Crane servicing and maintenance is an important part of owning lifting equipment. It has to be kept in the right condition to make sure it will be safe to use, adhering to all health and safety regulations to minimise the possibility of harm. The lifting industry and the operation of lifting equipment is heavily regulated, so you must ensure you comply with regulations to avoid being penalised.

Questions to Ask Before you Buy a Used Crane

March 07, 2019

Buying a crane is a big decision for any business. There can be a high initial cost involved, and you need to know that the crane you are buying is worth the price you pay. This is especially true of used cranes, where the safety of the lifting equipment you buy will be an important consideration.

Crane Servicing is More Important than Ever as the Market Booms

March 07, 2019

A report has revealed that the global bridge crane market looks set to reach multi billion dollars by 2024. The report also covered some of the key players in the crane market, including Konecranes and Morris, which are brands offered at Cranes-UK. This is an excellent time for the crane industry and we are pleased to see the market thriving.

Used Cranes for Sale: Advantages of Used Cranes Over New Cranes

August 28, 2019

When you are in the market for an additional crane, you will have the option to buy new or used lifting equipment. Many businesses are choosing used cranes, as they offer good cost savings and can easily be as useful and reliable as brand new cranes would be.

Chain Hoists for Sale & What to Look Out for

September 03, 2019

When buying chain hoists, or any other type of lifting equipment for that matter, it pays to be vigilant to ensure you are getting the right quality without paying over the odds. To help you source the best lifting equipment to meet your needs, we have put together a guide of things to look for when you are trying to find chain hoists for sale. This will help you to make more informed purchasing decisions and to buy quality equipment that is fit for purpose.

Suppliers of Quality Crane Components

November 30, 2019

Quality crane components can give you additional functionality and support better crane performance, making modifications or upgrading certain features. This can allow you to perform safer lifts, different types of lifts, or work more efficiently. We can supply a range of components for jib cranes, overhead cranes and electric hoists, ensuring you can find exactly what you need to complement your own lifting equipment. Our stock changes all the time and we always have a wide choice of crane components in stock.

Choosing a Company for Crane Maintenance

December 03, 2019

Crane maintenance is an integral part of keeping cranes and lifting equipment in good working order. It’s also a legal requirement, and the importance of good maintenance should never be overlooked. Every crane owner must adhere to strict maintenance and servicing schedules, and must keep the necessary paperwork to show servicing has taken place.

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