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The Cranes-UK News page is frequently updated with the latest news, events and product information from the crane industry and the team at Cranes-UK. We aim to bring fresh content that is relevant and useful to the reader which we hope will solve questions, queries and bridge the gap between supplier and buyer.


  • Safety information- do's and don'ts in regards to cranes and legislation information
  • Latest news within the industry- new products, news articles, industry changes 
  • Cranes in the media- accidents, big projects and more!

Jib Cranes: Your Complete Guide to Safe Lifting Using a Swing Jib

April 14, 2021

If your industry requires specialist lifting solutions, a jib crane can deliver exactly what you need. For fast, agile and adaptable lifting solutions, few options can beat that of a jib crane. They can be used in a variety of environments and can be personalised to meet your every lifting need.

Successfully Specifying Electric Chain Hoists

June 23, 2021

Electric chain hoists are a commonly-used lifting mechanism for lifting a wide variety of loads. They are integral to many lifting operations in various settings and environments; no two hoists will be used in quite the same way. The fact that the hoist is motorised gives you more control over the lift, and it makes it easier too – when lifts are easier, they are safer, more efficient and simpler to plan. The benefits of using an electric chain hoist in a wide variety of environments are manifold.

What’s the Difference Between Beam Trolleys?

August 19, 2021

A beam trolley is a valuable piece of construction equipment that is used on sites the world over. They are essentially like wheeled clamps that lock onto I beams and allow loads to traverse along them horizontally. Used in conjunction with chain hoists to carry loads up to 30 tonnes, they are a key facet of beam construction.

The Different Types of Jib Cranes

September 15, 2021

Jib crane systems are a mainstay in most factories and industrial production lines, being a valuable tool when it comes to lightweight lifting tasks. They are basically just smaller cranes, generally used indoors in conjunction with chain hoists, and able to carry up to 500kg, however, custom made jib cranes with higher capacities can also be built.

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