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Electric Wire Rope Hoists
17th February 2016

Cranes UK are suppliers of high quality, reliable electric wire rope hoists which come from a variety of top manufacturers. We supply and install new or used equipment to cater for all needs and budgets. By relying on our expertise, you can ensure that you’re getting robust and long-lasting products which have been correctly set up, enabling you to go about your day-to-day work without having to worry about the machinery you’re using.

An electric wire rope hoist is designed to lift and pull a load. When lifting a load, there is a factor of safety (FOS) requirement of 5:1. For pulling a load, the FOS requirement is 3:1. Our stock of electric wire rope hoists and crab units come in capacities of up to 100 tonnes. They can have three speed formats and a variety of suspension formats.

Electric wire rope hoists can come in a number of different types. The one you choose will depend on your lifting requirements – different hoists are compatible with different applications. Here is a brief summary of each kind:

Fixed Position: These are made for basic installations. The hoist will be stationary, though if required in future a trolley can usually be added on.

Monorail: This type of hoist features horizontal movement along a beam.

Low headroom: For applications where there is low headroom, or you need to be able to bring the hook right up to the beam, you will require a low headroom electric wire rope hoist.

Twin Beam (Crab Unit): These are suitable for use with dual girder overhead cranes. The hoist is placed on top of the girders – it does not run along the bottom flange. This allows for maximum hook path and higher capacities.

If you would like to know more about our electric wire rope hoists, or want to speak to us about an installation, get in touch with the team. We’re always happy to offer advice to customers who need further information or aren’t quite sure of the best product to suit their requirements. Call 01384 441 235 to speak to us directly. Alternatively, send us an email to or visit the website and fill in the contact form.