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Articulated Jib Cranes

Articulated Jib Cranes and Swing Jibs from Donati.

Articulated Jib Cranes are perfect solutions where the Jib arm needs to reach around a permanent object it its way such as a supporting column for the ceiling, the split arm enables the user to guide the crane around an object by pushing or pulling on either two of the sections of the Jib arm, this can be done with and without the load on the hoist. Particularly useful in confined areas, arms can span up to 7m in length split over two separate beams connected by a pivoting hinge.

Our range of Articulated Cranes features the latest technology in lifting and a neat cable management system that hides all cabling to the hoist in the jib arm preventing any accidental snagging while also improving the overall look of the crane, this also saves the need for a festoon cable management system bringing the end price down.

Not only used for suspendidng electric or manual chain hoists the Articulated Jib Crane is often used to support tool balancers and various types of air hoists.

Cranes-UK provide a full installation and commisioning service on the whole range of Jibs on a nationwide basis and on special request; internationally.


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High quality Articulated Jib Cranes from Donati are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standard at the factory in Italy, each crane and hoist is manufactured to your specification to provide the user with the most efficient solution to their lifting application. With an Articulated Jib the arm can span up to a huge 7m in total split over two sections. 

Easy to install these Jib Cranes can be mounted on a floor counterplate which is secured with chemical resin anchors or dig out a pit to accomodate a foundation frame and anchors.

Each crane features an isolator fitted to the column which can be connected to the mains supply to power the crane.

For more information on Articulated Jib Cranes and Jib Arms from Donati contact our friendly sales team today.

  • Arm lengths up to 7m in total
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance level
  • Competatively priced
  • Enables the user to work around an object
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