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Chain Slings

  • Grade 8,10,12 available
  • Any required length 

The Chain slings that we supply come in grade 8,10, and 12 and can come in any required length and a maximum safe working load of 35 tonnes. They are built to your specification and fully conform to BS EN 818-4. Choose between 1,2,3,4 leg chain slings with the possibility to add shorteners for multi-purpose operations. They are available with C hooks, Self-locking hooks, or Sling hooks with integrated safety catch's so you can always get the right connection that you need.

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Recognised for their adjustability, chain rigging slings exhibit better temperature tolerance and cut resistance. Notably, the chain is manufactured in various grades. The strength of the rigging chain is indicated in terms of the lifting chain’s grade number and larger grade number indicates greater chain strength. 

Here at Cranes UK, we will only distribute the best possible product such as Crosby, Kuplex, Rud and Pewag Chain slings. The chain slings available from stock and come with vivid yellow powder coated components while the chain finish is black oxidised and oiled. 

The grade 8 chain slings come connected to a master link with metal identification tags identifies the WLL and diameter of the chain sling and meet the performance requirements of BS EN818-4. 

The grade 10 lifting chain sling assemblies are almost identical to Grade 8 to look at though offer a greater safe working load for the same physical size of the sling. All sling components and options (hooks shorteners etc) are the same.

For any queries about chain slings please give one of our team members a call on 01384 441 235 

The manufacture of chain slings is governed by standards that demand proof-testing and certification of all individual components that are used in the fabrication of rigging chains. Commonly, alloy steel is used to manufacture chain slings that are used for overhead lifting applications. Stringent quality control techniques are applied to 8600 series alloy before it is approved for use in overhead lifting operations. Alloy steel chains demonstrate the appropriate strength, mechanical properties, and chemical content that are required to adhere to the government and industry standards. The standards require chain slings to have minimum proof-test and elongation values and require chain slings to bear specifications regrading minimum statistical breaking strengths and working load limits.

Chain slings are used in different forms and are specified in terms of a three character symbol that indicates the types of components that are used in the assembly and the number of legs. 

First Character Reflecting The Basic Type of Construction:

S = Single leg sling

D = Double leg sling

T = Triple leg sling

SB = Single basket
DB = Double basket

C = Single leg sling with master link at each end
Q = Quadruple leg sling

Second Character Indicating The Type of Master Link or End Link:

O = Oblong master link

P = Pear shaped master link

Third Character Specifying The Type of Hook:
S = Sling hook
G = Grab hook
F = Foundry hook

Both mechanical coupling links and permanent, welded coupling links can be used in the manufacture of chain slings, but in any case, you need to ensure that the sling comes with an identification tag that provides information on sling-type, reach, size, grade, serial number, and working load limit at specific lift angles. Compared to other slings, chain slings exhibit strong resistance to abrasion and high temperatures, best flexibility, and weakest strength/ weight ratio. 

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