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Conductor Systems

Conductor Bar Systems are usually made up of a plastic bar that insulates a conductive material- normally copper strips. Inside the system also runs a trolley which enables contact between the copper strips and the electrical cable to power the connect crane or hoist, the trolley runs along the track inside the conductor bar so to run along side the crane or hoist as it travels.

Our range of Conductor Bar Systems are designed to be low maintenance due to the PVC construction and ability to minimise brush wear and lower the amount of carbon deposits present. Maximum power transmission is achieved by positioning the bushes within the PVC housing, the contact with the flat copper conductors is maintained by the pressure of springs. The design of the Conductor System ensures positive contact and power transmission at all times. Innovative design permits expansion without affecting the operation of the system.

High travel speeds and extremely long lengths are what set our conductor systems apart from the rest. Complemented by rugged design that features high mechanical strengths the Conductor Bar also featues a self extinguishing system in the housing materials for safety purposes.

The Conductor System that Cranes-UK offer is competatively priced, for more information contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you with your requirements and provide a quotation.


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