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Demag Overhead Crane 2,000kg Single Girder

Our Single Girder Overhead Cranes supplied from Demag are the ideal solution for most lifting needs. Able to lift up to 16 tonnes and suitable for low ceilinged areas, these cranes are a versatile and powerful tool. They’re the ideal option if you want to achieve the maximum hook path, and can be easily integrated into your existing building without having to carry out significant modifications to accommodate your new equipment.

There are a number of options to tailor your crane to suit you. Single Girder Overhead Cranes have dual speed operation options, and can be used with radio control systems. The options which are available are numerous, so if there are specific features which you require, just ask.

When ordering a Single Girder Overhead Crane, there is the option to choose an electric wire rope hoist or a chain hoist, depending on your requirements. If using the crane for heavy load bearing, it’s usually advisable to choose a wire rope hoist, as this will prove more durable and cost effective in the long term. Regardless of which hoist you choose, you’ll be able to achieve full coverage of the crane’s span with it, as the hoist travels along the bottom flange of the crane beam.

Single Girder Overhead Cranes come with a number of different specifications in order to meet a variety of needs. These are some of the main features which this type of crane can provide:

  • Capable of lifting loads up to 16 tonnes
  • Maximum length 40m
  • Compatible with electric wire rope hoist or chain hoist
  • Dual speed operation available
  • Option for radio control
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*Under Offer* This brand new 2,000kg Demag Overhead Crane with 8m height of lift and 17.5m span with single girder is at an excellent price with installation within 7 days.

This is an offer not to be missed, you will not find better quality Used Crane because these are still NEW!

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