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Flex Series Radio Control System

The Flex Series Radio Control System from Arc is a state of the art radio control system for hoists and cranes. Each Flex system comes with two handsets with either 4, 8 or 12 buttons with the option for dual speed control should you device offer. 

The Flex range is sealed to IP66 rated standard meaning all systems can operate outdoors and are totally protected from the ingress of water and moisture. The durable and rugged handsets can be supplied with a rechargable battery packs or with AA batteries.

Optimum safety is a priority with Flex Radio Control Systmes from Arc which are complete with removable power key switch to avoid any unintended operation or even restrict operation. 

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The powerful Flex remote control system boasts 62 user-programmable channels with advancdd synthesized RF controls meaning no more fixed channels or fragile quartz crystals to break. Over 1 million unuique ID codes ensure that no codes are ever repeated as well as automatic channel scanning built in to the reciver setting this Radio Control System apart from the rest.

Unique I-Chip Design

The I-Chip is basically like a sim card inside your mobile phone, this enables the user to transfer settings from one device to another easily and efficiently.

Reliable Push Buttons

Each button has gold plated contacts that are rated for more than 1 million operations, the buttons are specifically designed to provide the user with a positive 'snap-back' motion giving feedback even when wearing thick safety gloves.

Duable & Rugged

Every enclose on the system is manufactured from Industrial strength nylon and fibreglass materials twinned with all housings rated to IP66 to protect against liquids, acids, Alkali, Grease and oil penetration which creates the ultimate robust system for industrial applications.

Serve & Catch Operation, Random Access and Tandem Operation

The system is designed to allow 2 operators to control a crane from opposite ends of a large workshop or work in tandem operation allowing 2 operators to control 2 cranes and even operate in random access mode to allow 3 cranes to be operated on a first come first served basis with 3 operators.



Package includes:

  • 2pcs Handset two-step push buttons, E-stop and power key
  • 2pcs rubber guards for handsets
  • 1pcs receiver unit
  • 2pcs vinyl pouches for handsets
  • 1pcs spare transmitter power key
  • 1pcs waist belt
  • 2pcs legend sheets
  • 2pcs rechargeable battery packs
  • 1pcs battery charger unit
  • a bag of spare fuses and jumpers
  • 1pcs user manual

Receiver and Transmitter Specifications

Frequency Range: 433-434 MHz (62 Channels)

Modulation: Digital Frequency Modulation

Encoding/Decoding Reference: Microprocessor Controlled

Operating Range: 100m/300 Feet*

Frequency Control: Synthesized PLL

Response Time: 40ms (average)

Receiver Sensitivity: -113dBm

Transmitter Voltage: 3.0V DC

Enclosure Rating: IP66

Output Contact Rating: 250V AC @ 6A

Supply Voltage Optional:  

  • 110-460V AC
  • 24, 42 & 48V AC
  • 12-24V DC

Operating Temperature: -25 to +75 Degrees C

Transmitter Dimensions: LxWxD

  • 4 Button: 138x69x34mm
  • 8 Button: 184x69x34mm
  • 12 Button: 230x69x35mm

Large Receiver Dimensions: LxWxD

  • 363x228x70mm

Flex 4 Receiver: LxWxD

  • 180x150x82mm

Large Receiver Weight: 2.5kg

Flex 4 Receiver Weight: 2.1kg



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