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Steel and Plastic Drum Tipping Stacker DA45

The LES steel and plastic drum tipping stacker truck has a 450kg lifting capacity and a lifting height of 1,500mm. It can be used with steel, plastic and fibre drums, to dispense the contents of 205-litre drums in a safe and controlled manner. With a sophisticated design, the drum is held in place and there is no risk of rollback.

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The drum tipping stacker is a high-quality, well-constructed item that ensures safe and secure lifts using a top lip gripping device and low securing band. In order to perform a lift, you can use the hand lift or foot pedal. Rotation is a mechanical process that uses a hand wheel and a 30:1 ratio gearbox. It makes use of dual lifting chains, ensuring a secure lift and reducing wear and tear over time.

Lifting height: 1,500mm

Wheel size: 150mm x 50mm

Distance between legs: 630mm x 810mm

Leg length: 770mm

Overall size: 1,400mm x 1,000mm x 2,100mm

Weight: 185kg

Warranty: 12 months

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