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SJ Silverline Steel Jacks With Fixed Claw

  • Up to 10,000kg capacity
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Steel Jacks are used primarily for assembly applications, to brace or support loads. Mechanical steel jacks can basically be used to lift almost all different kinds of loads in maintenance and repair, ship building, construction, as well as agriculture. The integrated carrying handle makes it a portable and versatile tool. The Sj Jacks are available in a rail jack model the RSJ-50 this gives high stability on uneven ground thanks to the large floor plate.


The load can be positioned either on the head or on the claw and by turning the operating lever the jack shaft moves smoothly and conveniently up and down along the rack. The robust steel housing ensures a long service life, even in continuous use. 

  • The Precisely machined gear box with optimal gear ratios ensures a minimum of effort and smooth operation
  • The load can be positioned either on the head or the claw
  • By turning the operating lever the jack moves smoothly and conveniently up and down along the rack
  • The self-locking, anti kick back operating lever reduces the risk of injuries. The handle can be tilted for use in confined spaces
  • The load is held securely in any position. Inside the load brake the axial brake pressure is generated by the load itself, thus it is proportional to the size of the load.
Model Article Number  Capacity On Head (kg) Capacity On Toe (kg) Minimum Claw Height (mm) Minimum Head Height (mm) Maximum Stroke (mm) Handle Length (mm) Weight (kg)
SJ-15 N01900005 1500 1050 70 725 360 225 13
SJ-30 N01900002 3000 2100 70 735 360 249 20
SJ-50 N01900003 5000 3500 80 730 350 249 27
SJ-100 N01900006 10,000 7000 85 800 410 300 43
RSJ-50 N01900008 5000 3500 80 740 360 275 29


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