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TKG-VHS Self Weight Balance Crane Forks

  • Up to 5000kg capacity
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The TKG-VHS range of Crane Forks is equipped with adjustable tines, adjustable mast height and a self-weight balancing system. Crane forks with self-weight balancing tend to point their tines upwards when being transported, this prevents the load from unintentionally slipping off the tines.

The self-weight balancing mechanism returns the lifting point to the unloaded position when the load is set down. For the efficiant operation of this mechanism, the load must be greater than 20% of the working load limit. 

The crane forks have a safety factor of 4:1 and come painted in a highly visible safety colour. The TKG-VHS can be used for transporting rings or coils, you simply push the fork tines together. These tines are very easily adjustable and can fit all pallet sizes. All of the TKG-VHS models come supplied with a chain for securing the load. 

Model Working Load Limit (kg) Adjustment Of Tines (A) (mm) Useable Height (B) (mm) Length Of Tines (C) (mm) Section Of Tines (D) (mm) Overall Height (E) (mm) Weight (kg)
TKG1.0vhs 200-1000 350-900 1100-1600 1000 100x30 1420-1920 140
TKG2.0vhs 400-2000 400-900 1300-2000 1000 120x40 1655-2355 220
TKG3.0vhs 600-3000 450-900 1300-2000 1000 120x50 1720-2420 280
TKG5.0vhs 1000-5000 500-1000 1300-2000 1000 150x60 1710x2410 380


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