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German based brand Yale you will recognise, there is no doubt about that. Yale offer only superior quality products at reasonable prices designed for various lifting and handling requirements from chain blocks to height safety equipment and forklift trucks. Yale is one of the most trusted brands of lifting and material handling equipment on the market and hold huge market share, for a very good reason. Safety is never compromised in the design and manufacture of Yale equipment and we are proud distributors of Yale Hoists, Lifting and Material Handling Equipment on a global basis.

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CODE:457 Yale

CPE Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoists 2000-10000Kg Capacity

The Yale CPE Electric Chain Hoist is built to a heavy duty specification with lifting capacities up to 10 Tonnes. The superior and robust hoist unit is manufactured in Germany in a quality maintained environment from the toughest materials to ensure a hoist that will stand up to intense operation and live a long working life.  Designed with safety as highest priority the hoist features 42v low voltage controls, adjustable spring pressure brake to hold the load even in the event of power failure, motor fitted with biometallic thermal protection and insulated to class F as well as offering optional upper and lower limit switches. Easy maintenance is always in mind when Yale design a hoist- the oil bath lubricated gearbox runs extremely smoothly and reduces wear and tear. Each hoist is made up of thre main components that make servicing really easy and efficient fault finding. Yale CPE/F Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoists can be specified to feature dual speed hoisting combined with optional dual speed electric horizontally travelling beam trolleys, extended heights of lift, alternative voltages, radio controlled and many other options.
CODE:489 Yale

Yalelift ITG Corrosion Resistant Integral Gear Trolley Hoist

Up to 4000kg lifting capacity 3 meter standard height of lift Stainless Steel hand and load chains Anti drop and anti tilt devices as standard
CODE:456 Yale

CPV Electric Chain Hoists

The Yale CPV and CPV/F Electric Chain Hoist is a high quality, robust example of fine German engineering. Boasting a high specification as standard as well as state of the art technologically advanced safety features. Easy to maintain- the load sprocket and chain guide can easily be removed or inspected without disassembly of the hoist. An oil bath lubricated gearbox ensures smooth running and increases the life span of the hoist. An externally adjustable slipping clutch has been specifically designed to guarantee a permanent positive connection between the load and the hoist brake as well as the electromagnetic spring pressure brake which holds the load safely even in the even of sudden power failure- for added safety and peace of mind. Available in a standard voltage of 400v 3phase 50hz (and other voltages on request) with a 42v low voltage pendant control (or optional radio control system) which is rated to IP65. Upper and Lower limit switches are fitted as standard to every hoist. Fully compatable with Yale's VTE/S range of electric travel trolleys, the hoist can be specified to be fitted with either a lug, top hook, push travel trolley, geared trolley or electric trolley with the option of single or dual speed travel. Features: Main line contactor for increased safety 50% ED duty cycle on single speed hoists Optional dual speed operation H3 Motor Classifications Capacities up to 2 Tonnes Slack chain collectors on most hoists Upper and Lower limit switches
CODE:493 Yale

Yale HTP Standard Push Travel Trolley

Up to 5000kg capacity Up to 220mm beam width Type A Up to 300mm beam width Type B
CODE:452 Yale

Festoon Systems

Cranes-UK offer indsutrial Festoon Cable Management Systems from Yale and Metreel, manufactured to the highest quality our Festoon Systems carry the power cables required to power machines, cranes and hoists. Choose between traditional enclosed track systems, wire systems and even "I" Beam Festoon Systems. Our systems are availiable as a kit or fully assembled with single or multiple cables, flatform or roundform with track capacities up to 1,000kg for seriously large and heavy cables up to a size of 200x60mm. We offer fully customisable straight or curved tracks with the option of proffessional installation to your existing crane, beam, hoist or machine. Our ability goes beyond the supply of standard Festoon Systems, we are able to supply stainless steel models, waterproof models, special finishes and systems designed for use in explosive or hazardous enviroments such as the Nuclear or Gas industry.
CODE:494 Yale

Yale HTG Geared Travel Trolley

Up to 20,000kg capacity Up to 310mm beam width 
CODE:476 Yale


Up to 10,000kg lifting capacity Zinc plated link chain 1.5m standard lift Overload protection ranging from 750kg- 6000kg Enclosed housing cover
CODE:510 Yale

Yale YC Standard Beam Clamp

Up to 10,000kg capacity 
CODE:477 Yale

C85 PUL-LIFT With Roll Chain

Up to 10,000 kg capacity Overload Protection available from 750kg - 6000kg Fitted with Roller Chain 1.5 meter standard height of lift
CODE:511 Yale

Yale SC92 Beam Clamps With Shackle

Up to 20,000kg capacity
CODE:478 Yale

AL ALUMINIUM Ratchet Lever Hoist

Up to 3000kg lifting capacity Lightweight 1.5 meter standard lifting height
CODE:512 Yale

Yale Bulb Bar Anchors

Up to 6000kg capacity 
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