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Free Standing Jib Cranes

Free Standing, floor mounted or Pillar Jib Cranes and Swing Jibs from Donati are excellent quality examples of Industrial Jib Cranes manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standard on a large scale to achieve maximum economies of scale which are passed on to the buyer. Choose between an modern and sleek integral system or the traditional "I" beam setup with integrated power feed system and mains isolator.

Each crane is finished with a varnishing treatment which includes the application of Yellow paint with a base coat thickness of 40 microns and a top coat thickness of 40 microns which was subject to an intense preparation process when metallically sandblasted with SA2 grade. Special Anticorrosive Paint is an optional extra.

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This 'Standard' type of Jib Crane is often referred to as a Pillar Jib or Swing Jib Crane. The Donati range features very small and discreet mounting bases to allow the cranes to be fitted in pretty much any location where the floor is suitable, long arm reaches enable a further span of the crane giving added flexibility in the work area. Normal capacities range from 125kg up to 5,000kg and can be specified with any of the following optional extras:

  • Motorized Slew
  • Electric Chain Hoist or Electric Wire Rope Hoist
  • Powered Travel (of the hoist) 
  • Dual Speed Operation
  • Radio Remote Control Operation 

Before making an enquiry on a Jib Crane or Swing Jib you will need to take in to consideration the following points to gain an accurate quotation:

  • SWL- Capacity of the crane
  • Height from the floor to the underside of the Jib Arm
  • Height of Lift (hook Path)
  • Jib Arm Length
  • Slewing Radius
  • Are there any height restrictions?
  • Hoist specifications and options

Most of our new Free Standing Jib Cranes, Swing Jibs and Pillar Jibs are delivered within four working weeks from order, however some of our customers have an urgent requirement, this is where we can also be of assistance by offering at a slightly inflated cost a UK Made to order Jib Crane with a hoist of your choice which can be built and delivered at short notice.

Don't forget- not only can we supply your Swing Jib but we also offer a nation-wide installation and commissioning service as well as flexible maintenance schemes to work around you, contact our sales team for more information and pricing.

Special Options

  • Anticorrosive Paint
  • Protection Cover for motors and control panel
  • Rotation motor with stainless steel brake, blocks and /or tropicalisation 
  • Anticondensation heaters
  • Limit Switches
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